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One of the most downloaded mobile games in the world, Clash of Clans, brought together world stars in its new campaign. Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Agüero are present in the #ClashWithHaaland campaign, where they celebrate Haaland's insertion as the new player within the Clash universe. Nooke is pleased to be present in this global campaign, participating in the recording and promotion with Ronaldinho. In a humorous and current video, we can see the Wizard playing with the fact that only Haaland is the new player in the game. After all, the Witcher is all about the game! “Haaland is in Clash of Clans, and I'm not? Hey, Clash, next time, call me!” Said Ronaldinho, in a good-humoured tone, on his social networks. Leaving the doors open for future collaborations with these football legends, Clash of Clans left a flea behind the ears of all its fans. So, will we have the Witcher to include in your army in the future?

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